Meet Nisha G. Williams

Fancy meeting you.

There are so many things I could tell you about myself so I’ll start with who I am today.

Today I work as a staff attorney with the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence as a staff attorney. During the work day I focus on advocating for domestic violence survivors in the courtroom as well as via trainings for domestic violence service providers throughout the state.

Since 2015 I have focused in particular on racial equity in our NC legal system. I’ve accomplished this by advocating for new methods of criminal justice via restorative justice. Advocating for racial equity training of NC attorneys, court personnel and county board members. Working inside and outside the juvenile justice system in Durham, NC via serving on Durham County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.

At home I spend my days with my 16 year old son, Louis and my partner, Paul of 9 years.

My relationship with my son began when I found out I was pregnant at 18 years old. My parenting journey has shaped the woman I am today.

I hope to share with you more of who I am and how I find my balance in this chaotic existence we call life.

#zerotohero #thatfancylife #parenting #law

Nisha smiling in the sun.

Author: attorneynisha

Nisha Gloria Williams, NC lawyer focused on serving clients in an equitable and trauma informed manner. Nisha became a mother at age 19 and an attorney by age 25. She has practiced law in North Carolina for over 10 years.

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