The Unexpected Transition

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

When I tell you this was a life changing time for me. One week after this photo was taken it was confirmed that I was pregnant at 18. I hadn’t even finished my first semester in college yet. I didn’t know what to do.

I was too ashamed and scared to tell my parents and I was too broke and too far away from any abortion clinic while living in Chattanooga,TN. Even though I was too broke to get an abortion I decided to have my child. I am pro choice regarding abortion because I believe ALL women should have RIGHT to decide to become a parent.

I made that decision to have Louis because I truly believed that I would never let any obstacle stop my from obtaining my goal to graduate college, law school and to become an attorney. 18 years have passed since the picture was taken of 18 year old me. I am not the same Nisha. I am a stronger, more patient, more understanding version of the person in this picture. So y’all say hey #teenfancy #thatfancylife #throwbackthursday

18 year old Nisha Williams smiling while holding her baby cousin Jewel Springer in 2002.

Author: attorneynisha

Nisha Gloria Williams, NC lawyer focused on serving clients in an equitable and trauma informed manner. Nisha became a mother at age 19 and an attorney by age 25. She has practiced law in North Carolina for over 10 years.

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